A culinary saturday

17 Sep

Where I live there’s for certain one thing we are really good at………….eating! That’s a very easy thing to do, considering all the goods we are provided with……… parmesan cheese & Parma ham, just to name the two most famous in the entire world. It’s not a coincidence I guess, that EFSA is housed here. And my area has developed a deep love and connection for two animals……… cows and porks, obviously. We have one saying around here, “of a pork, you don’t thrown a thing”……..and it’s true! The most valuable product is the “culatello” typical of the area of my province near the river Po. It has also a proper festival during winter, but today I want to introduce you to the “Festival del Prosciutto di Parma”  held from 7 to 16 September 2012, now at its XV edition, a major event in and around Parma to get to know and try the very best ham from Parma as well as appreciating the touristic and cultural beauties of the places.

“Porte Aperte” (“Open Doors”) remains the most exciting moment of the festival thanks to its attractive power on visitors, whether they are experts or just enthusiasts. All the ham factories of the local area of production are open to the public to give visitors the chance to see the production process and take part in free tastings.The producers illustrate the production secrets of the pig legs that, due to a magical combination of climate, tradition and passion, become Parma Hams.

One must is a visit to the Parma Ham and Deli Meats Museum, created in the heart of the ancient Cattle Market in Langhirano, another is to try Parma Ham accompanied by the best wines, which it’s possible all over the territory. Numerous initiatives are enlivening the hills near Parma with dinners organised in villages, street theatre, stalls selling typical products, painting exhibitions, and moments of comic relief. Last of all, for the entire period of the Festival, there are special menus in local restaurants and farm holiday centres.

We really enjoyed our dinner in the main place of the city, it was sooooo really good! We had friends coming from outside town so we were more than happy to show them around at for them to taste our local specialties. The most amazing thing was listening to the near tables talkings, so many different dialects and languages!

We have plans for next winter to take the same friends out to a culatello dinner, my mouth is watering just thinking about it!

 Not a chance buddy!


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