Monthly recap

06 Oct

So, september has gone by too… was full of nice and bad moments, as life goes on….

The month started with a happy news, the birth of N., my cousin’s son, is he cute or not? First pic 1 day old, the second 2 weeks….

Considering the 5 of the month was the birthday of The Great Pretender, I started to read his biography….

Speaking about books, having finished her exams, my daughter pull out all her university books in order to check which ones to sell…. you’re looking at a lot of money we spent folks!

The collateral bad news is…. her teacher (the one supposed to help her with her final dissertation) said that she’s too busy with her work and other students, so she can’t help my daughter with it in the timeline my daughter set (just before Christmas) so the thesis is delayed to next march! She spent two days crying from frustration and dejection…. Anyway, we had planned a trip to NYC as a degree gift, THAT help her (and me) go through the despair, the trip planning is going strongly, no matter what! (flight tickets bought already).

We had a wedding at the house, and I mean it literally….. it was our neighbour oldest daughter wedding, see how she decorated the condo stairs (her pic courteously from her wedding album)

One night two of my daughter friends came for coffee bringing along their little treasure, a very smiling 2 months Emma……….. how sweet is she???

It was also my birthday at the end of the month…… here’s what I got as gifs…. a bag from some collegues

a fimo bracelet and ring from my dauhter friend A

Earrings from daughter and husband

earrings and necklace from a friend (hand made)

and a book from another one (it’s Winter Of The World in english)

Mom provided a very good cake, obviously gluten-free (sorry, dark pic)

Last day of the month was a sunday, so we planned a short bike ride with a new collegue with whom it seems I get along well, and her partner. We choose Sabbioneta, an old fortified village

where we found a very good restaurant

After lunch, we ended up at at local circuit, having fun watching some crazy pilots challenging themselves at more than 200 km/h….








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One response to “Monthly recap

  1. eastpines

    October 21, 2012 at 9:51 am

    Hello Gracie, I’m finally beginning to catch up on blog comments after being away so long. Your Sepember sounds as though it was a good month apart from your daughter’s delay with her thesis. Belated ‘Happy Birthday’ I hope you had a good day, you certainly had some nice presents:)
    I’m eastpines on WordPress but you’ll know me as Rowan:)


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