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Thanks given

We all have a busy life nowadays… work, family, kids, friends, trying to snatch in between some hobbies. Sometime we forget to take a deep breath, relax and recharge our batteries. Usually weekends are what I need to do so, and the last one was no exception.

It started saturday afternoon with a books hunt for me and my daughter at our favourite bookshop

and we ended up – as usual – at a coffee shop where they serve a very taste rice-without-milk plate of warm biscuits

In Italy, all that Thanksgiving thing isn’t really appreciated (and with reasons, considering each country has its own festivities and traditions) but I started a few years ago a little celebration with our friends, you know, a simple dinner at home just to say “we have this friendship going on and we are grateful for that”….and beside, we all have things in our lifes to be thankful for…

This year, a friend took over the celebration, we got an invite for last saturday dinner. We met with other guests at a place in the city center for a little aperitif………..well, not so little….

and then we made it to our friends’ home

and this is what we brought them, to be used as a table centrepiece

Sorry I didn’t take any photo of the table, I was so busy chatting……….. but I managed to get photos of what we had for dinner! And please note that the yellow/orange were the colors in charge…..for the starters,

the pumpkins ravioli (gluten-free for me – thanks M.)

the turkey roast with honey and jam (a winner)-(from my friend A. album)

and the mixed salad

And this is the pears&chocolate cake my mom baked for us

After dinner we went upstairs to their little attic, and we talked the night away just enjoying each other company….well, the cozy couch, the fire, the meringues and panna cotta helped a little….

The next day, sunday afternoon….what to do? A couple of phone call and here we are, me and my friend E. with our daughters ( a killing mix where together…..and they are strongly determinated to go living in London….. the world’ll never know what hit it!!) on another books’ hunt in another bookshop where a sort of exhibition was held concerning a local designer

Too much culture, we needed a break……….at a literature-coffee shop! For a while we had the place almost for ourselves…..

before it was too late and the happy hour began…..

When the weekend was over, I got a moment to think about it all…………, friends, good food, a nice place to live….. I’m blessed in so many ways, why wait for a given day to give thanks?


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Stop and think….. and not just today

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Last night dinner……goat cheese spaghetti leftover, added with mushrooms and ham and turned into a frittata

fennel and carrots in spicy tomatoes sauce….

All without oil, butter or lactose…..not bad, uhu?


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Last weekend

It stared friday night when we got an invite by a friend for a dinner celebration for her big 5-0….. She settled a nice and clean table for four……………

and she delighted us with mushrooms and leek pasta,

roasted tomatoes, potatoes and onions….

roasted peppers stuffed with rice and cheese….

and a tender pork roast with mushrooms potatoes and polenta

Finished? Not yet… A birthday celebration is not a birthday celebration without a birthday cake which we provided…..the least we could do….

Our gift to our friend? This CK bag we knew she liked….

But this was just a private celebration between us close friends, the very big one took place yesterday at lunch at a restaurant in her hometown of Verona. We were lucky enough to be invited-and-not-paying guests (the place is a bit expensive) her husband decided that the big 5-0 happens once in a lifetime (and luckily, I have to add!!) so he wanted all of their friends to be there celebrating….

Here she is (very elegant and moved…) posing with husband

I had a though time trying to take photos of all the delicious food they served, and  I did my best…..

……to survive till the birthday cake!

Before the cake she was given our collective gift, a beautiful Tiffany necklace…

We all had a great time together……… the food, the company, the place, it was all so nice!

Before lunch we haven’t had the chance to have a  walk throught this amazing little town…. but coming out of the restaurant, we were greeted by this……………too bad it was cold and late….



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Passports…………… got them

Boston hotel……………. booked

Train to and from Boston…… checked

Only left, the flat in NYC for 10 days….. looking for it….






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Pure desire

Now, this man………….. dressed or not…..

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I’m here…………..

but I’m thinking about this….


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