05 Nov

When my daughter was a little girl, we enjoyed spendig time carving pumpkins, baking pumpkin-shaped-cupcakes, decorating home with ghosts, bats and cobwebs, and then inviting her friends (and ours) for dinner, back when Halloween was a never-seen-around-here thing. Over the year, this appointment has taken its own place here too, mostly among young people, and you can see all sort of decorations around town, and signs advertising special events.

This year, with our friends, we decided to go back to our old tradition and get some fun. Considering the first day of november is holyday here, we had no problems with late hours……and we got ready for some action! We took some free time from work and had a stroll around town where we knew there was something going on…..

Then we headed outside town, on the hills, to a castle more entanched that night than ever before…..

We didn’t stay for the very special dinner planned there, but we drove to a place nearby  where we go often, often on rainy sunday afternoon, all dressed up for the day….

where we had pumpkin risotto

pumpkin cream and salmon tarte

and pumpkin cupcakes













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