05 Nov

At first it was not fall yet, just a feeling of it….. warm days, sunny and bright……..then little by little a bit of yellow and brown here and there…..

but we knew fall was really here when my uncle showed by with a very appreciated gift for us……….

My hometown has a fall date with a very big trade fair concerning collecting of the 20th century, people come over here from all Italy, and some from abroad. This year, after a long time, we come back for a visit….

October was also the month dedicated to our Maestro…. Giuseppe Verdi…….. most of the local stores were dressed up for the occasion….honoring the opening of the opera season

I really hope the Maestro won’t get too upset knowing he was mixed up with underwear and salami!!

I had the chance to spend a lot of time with my daughter, for many reasons……….. First of all we spent a morning searching the University Students’ Library for some materials for her thesis………and considering the energies spent doing that, after we had a quick (but yummy amd fancy) lunch at a new place in town

and no…. it’s not a magazine photo, they set the tables just like that, pearls or roses or silver…..

I spent a little fortune but………..what the hell!

Speaking about new places, early this summer they opened a new ice-cream/cake shop, so one saturday afternoon while out shopping for shoes, we gave it a try, it was still warm and what’s best than chocolate and cream?

Completely different from the coffee break I had the previous day during a meeting at work….

And talking about shoes, wanna see what my daughter bought? The first pair is a decollete of blue suede with the Union Jack on the back, the second one, black with a particular of the same flag….. what do you think?

One sunday morning we went out shopping at a big mall outside town, we like to just stroll around and look at things (but obviuolsy we ended up buying a few)

My daughter has a very dear friend who last july fathered a so beautiful little girl named Emma. His partner is a chocolate addict and now that she isn’t breast feeding anymore she can eat everything she wants, so my daughter baked some cup cakes for her (luckily there were enough for us too!)

I also spent one afternoon with my mom, watching her doing some exercises at the gym, trying to recuperate full use of her knee….. isn’t she the best, at 80 not wanting to surrender to aging problems?

The weather eventually changed and fall was actually here, so it was finally time for some fall dishes at our home, like lentils and bacon, or a chocolate and pumpkin cake my daughter baked…..

And then it was Hallowen ………….. but this a story for another post………….


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One response to “October

  1. ionuca (@ionuca)

    November 6, 2012 at 6:00 am

    This is so cool! You had quite a lovely month! And I think it’s awesome that you spend so much time with M.! 🙂


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