Old fashioned

04 Dec

You see, there are some truths in life. One is that, as you get older, you see things in perpective, especially things happened where you were young. Like school years for example….. I think about those days with a sort of bewilderment, excitement and joy, and that’s why I’m always so happy to be reunited with my old school mates. I have also a couple of teachers who I remember with pleasure and even affection (and hated then because they were so strict).  One of them is an old lady (well, now she’s old, but to me she was back then as well, after all I was 19…..) who lives in an old building in the city center with a bunch of cats, her only family here. The other day I took a few hours off work and with my daughter I went to pay her an overdue visit…..

We were greeted on the stairs by Elizabeth (named after Barrett Browning……….)

while Lady Macbeth in the hall looked at us with disdain not moving a wisker……….

She has another one, Ophelia, that was nowhere in sight……

Can you guess what subject she teached in school? Yes…. english language and literature….

She has an amazing place, so warm and cozy, full of books and memories……and she was surprised and intrigued when I asked her to take photos, more so when I explained to her I have a blog…….so now I guess I have one more follower……lol….

We just sat down and she started asking questions to my daughter about her thesis, when we got distracted by Ophelia, it was her milk break time…..

So we took a break too for some pastries and a cup of  tea………..perfectly english style, don’t you think?

We talked a lot about London and England in general, my daughter thesis, our imminent trip to New York, my classmates and her recent visit to her sister living in Dubai……… We walked home in a cold and dark late afternoon, refreshened by the indomitable spirit and vivid mind of this 82 years old woman!


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One response to “Old fashioned

  1. ionuca (@ionuca)

    December 4, 2012 at 9:05 pm

    Wow, this sounds like such a wonderful evening! And the apartment looks absolutely fantastic! Hats off!


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