Winterly weekend

05 Dec

French market visited, we had to think hard about what to do for the rest of the weekend….well, not that hard……Daughter M was in Turin for two days with a friend, she talked about this exhibition and even if she didn’t like it so much, I had two free tickets so me and my friend M decided to give it a go on saturday afternoon….

Actually my daughter was right, absolutely not my kind of artist……… but it was for free and now I can say I don’t like his works…..but I had a wonderful time – as always – wandering through the place chatting with an amazing friend….You can tell I didn’t like the exhibition from me not taking photos inside….lol….

It was getting so cold at the end, we had a warming up stop at the museum cafeteria……….

I was so cold when I got home, I was just interested in comfort food for dinner………..pasta! tagliolini with parmesan, pecorino and spinach….

Sunday morning with a couple of friends we decided to give the local economy a helping hand….we visited another market held in one of the oldest street in town…

It seems that after all we didn’t help the economy that much, considering we didn’t buy a thing…..we saved our money for lunch………..and we choose the better time, for a while we were the only customers there, while all the people was still at the market!

After lunch we called our friends R & MA and drove to their home in the hills…..they already live there but as you can see, the house is still under heavy renovation….

We had a little walk around with their dog, not so thrilled at first….

And obviously we stayed for dinner…..

The bad ending of a great time? The regrettable sight of the market street on monday morning going to work….

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