The big opening

06 Dec

You know, there are certain places that are standard features in one’s life……For me, one of them is the bookshop I go to at least three times a month, to buy books or at least, spend some time wandering among them…. For 40 years this store, in the main city street, taught how to read to generations of my fellow citizens….after all, this is one of the biggest publishing home in Italy, lots of story behind the name….

Now, to celebrate its 40th birthday, the company decided it was time for a big change………….more books, more space, more entertainment……… they looked around and found the perfect place not far away

The place was built in 1570 to house the Brotherhood of the “Five sore” and then became the oratory of Saint Agostino. In 1778 the building is completely renovated and enriched of a valuable façade, until, in 1913, together with the religious destination it also loses the eighteenth-century façade, replaced by three ample glass door very ‘900 and it becomes, in succession, a typography, a furniture factory and finally the local head office of the Bank of Italy. From yesterday evening with the great opening, a bookshop, and not only that. Three stories of books, music and movies, along with a cafeteria, a RED Restaurant and food to go, and at last, but not least, shelves of bio products and cooking stuff…..

Here is the (almost) entire staff – they employed 10 more workers, a miracle nowaday – with a very happy director in the middle (btw, the brother of one of my collegue)

Next to him, is Inge Feltrinelli………….Born in Essen (D) in 1930, Inge Schönthal, daughter of German Hebrews immigrated from Spain, undertakes in Hamburg the career of photographer. In 1952 she spends a long time in New York guest of the great-grandson of J. P. Morgan, succeeding in photographing, among the others, Greta Garbo, Elia Kazan, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Winston Churchill and established a longtime friendship with Erwin Blumenfeld. Among her more famous photos those of the writers Ernest Hemingway, Edward Sanguineti, Allen Ginsberg, Günter Grass, Nadine Gordimer, and of the painters Pablo Picasso and Chagall. In 1958 she knows Giangiacomo Feltrinelli knows and who she married in 1960, following him to Milan. From 1969, when her husband enters clandestinity and even more after his death, she manages the homonym publishing house

Want to know the best thing about this? The new place is about 500 mt from where I work…..with a big dejection from my husband, this is what I see every morning going to work (taken this very morning – they open early, considering they serve breakfast too….)

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