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Another day in Paradise

It was another day, full of things to do and even if the vacation was ending, we tried not to think about it …….. too much, at least!

This was the last (luckily for me, very few) disappointment of our stay, the Guggenheim Museum

I mean, the building is really impressive (more the inside than the outside) but beside the ground floor, it was forbidden to take photos (and just that it means hell to me!) and it was time for a Picasso exhibition, so everything but a few works was closed to the public!

We had lunch in a nice and cozy french place nearby……

In the afternoon we walked towards…………..

the Lincoln Center, in a more crowded area of the city, and yes, we too looked at the words written on the footsteps….

Too bad we didn’t have tickets for “Rigoletto” we just snapped photos of the foyer…. and outside I was taken back in time when I was crazy about this show……..I know this isn’t when they shoot it but it brough back so many memories….

Going back home we stopped ….”home”….for some shopping….

It felt weird to be among so familiar things knowing too well they were strangers there…….

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You sure we’re in NYC?

Because everything pointed to another direction……

And I’m sorry to have to say this, but the more we entered the disctrict, the more unpleasant it got…. I found it a little wretched, not to mention the people (lots of people) outside every single store following us and pressing us to buy…….. not very nice…

I don’t know how it was some years ago, but now the end of Chinatown is really melting into Little Italy….

while my fellow countrymen try to keep their identity with some red, white and green….

till Mulberry Street, after that it’s Nolita

My daughter was looking for someting specific here, she lead me to Bowery Street, at 315 Bowery to be exact…..

Now it’s a John varvatos store but once it was “the” temple of rock, called CBGB and I have to admit I can understand the sadness in her eyes being there too late in time, because that was my youth too….. and I can understand also the one who wrote this….

Inside we could see a lot of memorabilia among the clothes and shoes, but clearly it’s not the same at it once was…..

(pics above courteously by the shop itself)

We stayed near for lunch, in this nice restaurant, Gemma….

and while almost everyone else in the room was having pancakes and coffee, we had this….

We kept walking till we sat down on a bench here……..

while my daughter was looking on her guide for the exact location of this…..

after all I’m a biker, right?? Too bad I didn’t have with mw my member card…. and my daughter wouldn’t have allowed me to enter there. She kept pushing me towards another place, so we took the subway again to Tompkins Square just for a mural…..

I’m kidding, I can identify with her……….after all I have London Calling as a ring tone on my cell!

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Walk the line

Considering we were living a dream in the Big Apple, like we were in a movie or something, a movie scene presented itself …one morning this is what woke us up….

We waited a while but nothing happened, the cars were gone eventually and we started our day…destination, the Chelsea Hotel… I’d do anything to be back in time and be here when all my youth idols were too…..I’m sure it would have been such an experience to have the pleasure to have a talk with Patty, Bob, Robert and Andy*! Too bad the place was closed to the public…

It was sunday and we just HAD to try a typical american tradition….. brunch! It was so much that we had anough for dinner too…..

Luckily we had a walk planned for the afternoon, we had to lose that dish…….. Our choice was the High Line….The sun was high and shining, and even if it was a little windy we enjoyed the walk so very much….

(I hope God has a sense of humor…..)

Back on street level, we were on our way to another must see place…..after some miles (our feet really started to be on strike that day, it was really too much….lol…)

finally it was there, the Flat Iron…

From this view I couldn’t believe this building could actually stand up!

We were back on our footsteps of the night before….

to Washington Square and Park

no, I dind’t ask why he was playing the piano in a square, it was not for money….

towards the Greenwich Village

and Sheridan Square, with the little Christopher Park

Yes, this time I asked for a membership…..

God, looking through my photos to choose the ones for this blog, I have this feeling, like I’m homesick, I want so badly to be back there!!!

*(Smith, Dylan, Mapplethorpe and Warhol)

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A family reunion

On a cold but bright saturday morning, we took a long walk towards the 11th Av. at Lincoln Hwy, in order to catch the ferry to Weehawken, NJ. Passing by the Pier 86, I couldn’t help myself, wishing my husband could be there with us, he’s such a fanatic for boats and planes, he would have such a great time visiting this…

Finally we arrived at the boarding………….

and we waved goodbye (momentarely) to Manhattan from the water………..

while we said hello to New Jersey…..and my cousin’s home….see that tall towers?

We met at Port Imperial with my cousin and after a lot of kisses, laughs and hugs (and a very short drive) we were at his home

where after as much kisses and hugs with his wife, we could enjoy this breathtaking view from their living room….

After lunch, and lots of coffee and even more laughs and hugs – we just couldn’t believe we were there together – they were true to their words (they promised us when we met in Italy last Christmas) taking us to Hoboken, can you tell why? Here’s my daughter and cousins walking along the Hudson in Hoboken….

Yup… here we wanted to be!!!!

After a tea break, and a bit of shopping, we returned to the car and to Manhattan, where we had dinner to a very nice restaurant they go to often, and it was such a lovely night, sitting there and talk…..

After dinner we took a walk enjoying the night out, before they drove us back to our apartment…

It was such an amazing day, we had such a great time together and I finally came to admit how much I miss my cousin…we’re one year apart of age, we had such a great childhood sharing everything together, from summer vacations to children illnesses, and we were close as adults too, till he left in 1998………seeing each other once a year simply doesn’t work for me…..










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Nowhere to go, just keep walking

It was one of those days when you don’t have a specific target, you just want to stroll around and see what happens….

We took the metro at the usual station near our home, when we saw the name of the station blinking on the panel, we look at each other and with a nod, we just jumped out of the train….a little walk and we were at the core of the world finance…….. I had to act like an acrobat to take this photo of the bull……….

The Stock Exchange building may looks like a  Corinthian one, with columns and topped by marble sculptures , but just think how many billions are gained and lost here, every single day……..

Even the place where we had lunch oozes with money and wealth…..

We didn’t want to stand in line for entering the 9/11 Memorial (luckily enough we didn’t lose anyone dear that day) but we just had to go and see what’s happening there right now….

It should be really impressive once finished….maybe one day we will come back?

Exactly opposite the building site, there’s this little Church with its graveyard, so peaceful and calm to seem even out of place…..

Checking her guide, my daughter read that we were near a Jeff Koons sculpture she wanted to see, so we kept walking…

Just around the corner, we saw this

the store occupied an entire block, we needed to buy groceries for dinner, so……

This one made me curious…. aren’t the Amish known for simple living, plain dress, and reluctance to adopt many conveniences of modern technology???





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Water, iron and bricks

It was a sunny day, so we decided it was time to meet the iron lady….. The first weird thing on that day, was a really deserted subway ride………..don’t know where all the newyorkers were that morning, for sure not on our train!

After a long sub ride and a long walk, finally we arrived at Battery Park

We felt immigrants ourselves too…..

Second weird feeling of the day… the queue to the ferry was very short, something was definitively wrong. Actually it was…. due to hurricane Sandy, Liberty island and Ellis Island were forbidden to visitors!! We had tickets for visiting the Ellis Island Immigration Museum (bought on line two months before – they should have informed us about this possibility) and my daughter was thrilled about that…..too bad! Instead they gave us a boat ride through the harbor….. So, a little disappointed, we took seats on the upper deck

not at all afraid of the cold wind…..and it was cold, as you can tell by my daughter dressing…

Anyway, despite the cold and the mishaps about the museum, there we were…..

and another disappointment was coming………. all the time I saw the statue on tv or in movies, I thought it was a very big thing, tall and impressive…………. not at all, it was not so high after all…..and sorry, but not that much impressive…..

At that point we were frozing, so we went down to sit in the covered part of the ferry for the remaining part of the ride, that included passing under what I guess is the most famous bridge of the world

We really enjoyed the boat ride, cold included….. it was so nice to see the city from a different point of view…..



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A long day

It was a long day (so it will be a long post….), luckily it started like this….

Well, we needed some energies, right? After a not so long ride on the subway (and poetry can be found there too…)

we arrived at the Public Library. My daughter felt a connection with this place, she asked my cousin, a few months ago, to go there and get  photocopies of some books she needed for her thesis. He kindly obliged, and told my daughter he was happy she asked him or he wouldn’t had the opportunity to go there, because it was such a beautiful place. And indeed it was….

We even had the audacity to join this group and listen to the guide illustrating the beauties of the place….

Back outside, standing on the stairs of the Library, we were faced by the street leading to the Chrysler Building, so we just walked towards it…

But we couldn’t pass by this and not stop, right? The Grand Central, celebrating its 100th birthday….Along with Central Park, this is another place I saw so many times on so many movies…..

Once out, we kept walking east……..

until we were just at the Chrysler feet….

Then we crossed Tudor City………

headed to Turtle Bay and the United Nations Headquarters…..

At first, standing right there in front of that building, I felt the urge to go inside, grab the first official in charge and beg him to make all the stupidiy of the world to stop….. until my daughter told me I was the fool of the situation….

We were back on our footsteps to the ‘real’ goal of our day….

not the tallest anymore, but surely the most famous skyscraper of the world….

We waited in a nearby Starbucks for the darkness to take over before climbing on top, and the wait was really worth it…. I have to say this experience was worth the trip by itself…..

Me, like you, I’ve seen these images of New York so many times before, on tv, in movies or in a magazine…..being there, looking down at all those lights literaly took my breath away….and not because of the cold wind…. that view was simply amazing!




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