04 Feb

Each one of us has dreams……….sometimes you have to bury them deep inside and you won’t see them become a reality. Sometimes you’re lucky enough to live them at least once and if you’re really, really lucky a dream comes true with someone you love.

This was the case with my trip to New York with my daughter.

She was 6 the first time we took a trip abroad with her, and since then she never stopped travelling, with us or with her friends. You know…such are the parents, such is the daughter….the money best spent is the money spent travelling! She had a wish for her graduation – at first it was for her 18th birthday – visit New York City. It started as a wish, it became a reality last fall when we seriously thought about it. I knew my husband would have remained at home (one of us always is, to care about my mother-in-law) and I was a little sad for that, but he was firm in letting us go. We started planning at the end of september and to me it seemed that january would never come, it was so far away…..and suddenly here we are, driving to the airport in Milan! I couldn’t believe that it was actually happening to me, sitting on a plane headed to New York! But I was, and some 8 hours later the JFK Airport greeted us

I’m glad my daughter has her head in the righ place because I was so excited to be there, that it was just thanks to her that we made it safely to our hotel for our first night in the States!

Early next morning still a little sleepy we took the train to Boston and even if it was cloudy we were able to see a bit of the surrounding from the window……

and when we stopped at Mystic railway station I was in 7th Heaven……..why not remember Mystic Pizza or Mystic River? My God, I was in a movie!!!!!!

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