Boston, part four – Harvard

08 Feb

So now, consider this….. I was there with my daughter still fresh from her last university exam, deeply lost into writing her final dissertation for her laurea, in a city known all over the world for its university…….. could you guess where we were headed in a foggy sunday morning?

Yup… Harvard……….

We were free to walk around as we pleased, some of the courses were still suspended, but the library and the church were open to visit, and some of the students were still around….

The sitting guy above is supposed to be the first benefactor John Harvard, but the legend says that the model was a  young student and  that if you rub his left foot you will do fine with your exams….as you can see by the well polished aspect of it, many current students do it on a regular basis….

Do you think this guy is attending lessons too?

A few months ago I read a book (not one of my favourite, but…) The Conduct Of Life, and now… there he was…

Outside the campus, the area was a typical-sunday-english-life…….

….. after all (not my intention to offend anyone) the “real” first Boston is here…. lol….

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