Central Park

12 Feb

Can you write down a full list of all the movies shot in Central Park? I guess not. One was shooting right the day we visited it,  just to stretch out that list even more (and no, before you ask, we didn’t see anyone famous). This is to say that we knew already the place, but being actually there was like living in a dream….no matter how many times we’ve seen it on tv, this time it was for real! We started our visit entering the Park from Columbus Circle, just 800 mt away from our apartment….too bad Columbus himself was restrained…

It was a grey day, cloudy and cold, but nothing could reduce our excitement, the Park was charming nevertheless……….

and we had company, as usual….

We just had to pay a tribute to one of my youth idols, sitting on a bench for a while and listening to that very song from my iPod……it was such an emotion….

We made a little detour from the Park to go and  see the Dakota Building where John lived and died….

Back in the Park, the benches are gems themselves…..

We kept walking through the paths…..

to the Shakespeare Garden….

and up to the Belvedere Castle…

where my daughter played Lady of the Manor….

the view was really amazing

Speaking about castles and ladies….. it was bedtime stories again….we met Mr Andersen,

Alice in Wonderland and her friends,

and Balto the dog.

We reached the Bethesda Terrace and Fountain, and we could only imagine how beautiful it should be in the summer, full of water and surrounded by green leaves….

It was such a pleasant day, just walking through the Park, not that much folks around, enjoying the silence and the quietness……and a very good (and luckily enough, hot) lunch here

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