Wandering around

13 Feb

Late afternoon in the Big Apple, what to do? I know….purely academic question. We decided to wandering around and see what happens…. Coming out of a subway station we found us facing Macy’s…. obviously, I immediately thought that my daughter indecision on which train we should have taken, was deliberated…..

When we finally managed to go out (and after my credit card was harshly tried) it was already darkening….

We kept going on along the street towards the light…………. and I mean it literally! We were surrounded by lights, neon signs, laser beams directed to the sky…… and suddenly we were carried to another world…..

Daughter M (green bag) was fascinated by the Army thing….

I just ‘had’ to enter here….. now hubby has a ball, a bat and a t-shirt….

while daughter M went lost for about an hour here…..

I couldn’t believe I was in the middle of a galactic war…..

so we looked for safe shelters…..

and look who was there too….

And finally there we were….Time Square!

The last shopping stop? Here…..




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