14 Feb

One day we woke up to a cold and rainy morning, a little snowing the previous night, as we saw on top of some parked cars…..

So we decided it was the perfect time for some indoor activity. We walked a couple of blocks…..and just because my daughter restrained me to enter here I didn’t make a complete fool of myself……

before we were there, the MOMA….

Don’t think it needs much words of explanations, I guess it’s one of the most visited museums of the entire world! Anyway, this is a little glance of what we saw there that attracted our attention the most…..the inner garden, I think it should be amazing sitting there in  good weather…..

the design and furniture section had its charm on my daughter….

along with the photography pavillion and Pollock works….

We couldn’t miss Mr Pop Icon himself, Andy Warhol……….

an our beloved Vincent….. (I had to pull my daughter away from that picture)

and she called me insane for staying before my dearest Klimt for about 20 minutes…..

Luckily this one from Munch was never stolen (sorry, a little blurry)

A Modigliani, and despite her angular features she has a very sweet look…

This Monet was unbelievable……….

and Frida still is unique….

After all it was really a good thing it was just me and my daughter, my husband would never have put up with an entire day in a museum!

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