The sacred and The Profane

18 Feb

Or vice versa…   We started absolutely with the profane….. walking through cold and not so crowded streets

We spent almost one hour inside, trying to figure out how to get tickets, there were a couple of events we’d like to attend, but …. no luck, all sold-out!  We kept walking till this building, we entered the lobby from one side……….

to come out from the other one……….

Yes, the Rockfeller Building, and we were just on the back of the golden guy

If you keep walking straight ahead from this point, you’re faced with the most (I think) famous church in the entire western hemisphere, I was so excited to finally see it and we we arrived I was so disappointed to see this beautiful building all wrapped up!

Luckily enough, the inside was up to our expectations….

We had this weird feeling there, it seemed like we were home, this was so much alike many european cathedrals, we felt so comfortable there. All was very quiet, very peaceful. After taking a walk through the nave and the aisles, we just sat there for a while, enjoying the sense of comfort the statues, the candle lights and the prayers whispered by the believers sitting with us, brought to our souls.



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One response to “The sacred and The Profane

  1. ionuca

    February 18, 2013 at 4:20 pm

    I am so lucky that you are posting so many pics from your trip. NY is even more beautiful seen through your eyes.


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