A long day

19 Feb

It was a long day (so it will be a long post….), luckily it started like this….

Well, we needed some energies, right? After a not so long ride on the subway (and poetry can be found there too…)

we arrived at the Public Library. My daughter felt a connection with this place, she asked my cousin, a few months ago, to go there and get  photocopies of some books she needed for her thesis. He kindly obliged, and told my daughter he was happy she asked him or he wouldn’t had the opportunity to go there, because it was such a beautiful place. And indeed it was….

We even had the audacity to join this group and listen to the guide illustrating the beauties of the place….

Back outside, standing on the stairs of the Library, we were faced by the street leading to the Chrysler Building, so we just walked towards it…

But we couldn’t pass by this and not stop, right? The Grand Central, celebrating its 100th birthday….Along with Central Park, this is another place I saw so many times on so many movies…..

Once out, we kept walking east……..

until we were just at the Chrysler feet….

Then we crossed Tudor City………

headed to Turtle Bay and the United Nations Headquarters…..

At first, standing right there in front of that building, I felt the urge to go inside, grab the first official in charge and beg him to make all the stupidiy of the world to stop….. until my daughter told me I was the fool of the situation….

We were back on our footsteps to the ‘real’ goal of our day….

not the tallest anymore, but surely the most famous skyscraper of the world….

We waited in a nearby Starbucks for the darkness to take over before climbing on top, and the wait was really worth it…. I have to say this experience was worth the trip by itself…..

Me, like you, I’ve seen these images of New York so many times before, on tv, in movies or in a magazine…..being there, looking down at all those lights literaly took my breath away….and not because of the cold wind…. that view was simply amazing!




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