Water, iron and bricks

20 Feb

It was a sunny day, so we decided it was time to meet the iron lady….. The first weird thing on that day, was a really deserted subway ride………..don’t know where all the newyorkers were that morning, for sure not on our train!

After a long sub ride and a long walk, finally we arrived at Battery Park

We felt immigrants ourselves too…..

Second weird feeling of the day… the queue to the ferry was very short, something was definitively wrong. Actually it was…. due to hurricane Sandy, Liberty island and Ellis Island were forbidden to visitors!! We had tickets for visiting the Ellis Island Immigration Museum (bought on line two months before – they should have informed us about this possibility) and my daughter was thrilled about that…..too bad! Instead they gave us a boat ride through the harbor….. So, a little disappointed, we took seats on the upper deck

not at all afraid of the cold wind…..and it was cold, as you can tell by my daughter dressing…

Anyway, despite the cold and the mishaps about the museum, there we were…..

and another disappointment was coming………. all the time I saw the statue on tv or in movies, I thought it was a very big thing, tall and impressive…………. not at all, it was not so high after all…..and sorry, but not that much impressive…..

At that point we were frozing, so we went down to sit in the covered part of the ferry for the remaining part of the ride, that included passing under what I guess is the most famous bridge of the world

We really enjoyed the boat ride, cold included….. it was so nice to see the city from a different point of view…..



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