Nowhere to go, just keep walking

21 Feb

It was one of those days when you don’t have a specific target, you just want to stroll around and see what happens….

We took the metro at the usual station near our home, when we saw the name of the station blinking on the panel, we look at each other and with a nod, we just jumped out of the train….a little walk and we were at the core of the world finance…….. I had to act like an acrobat to take this photo of the bull……….

The Stock Exchange building may looks like a  Corinthian one, with columns and topped by marble sculptures , but just think how many billions are gained and lost here, every single day……..

Even the place where we had lunch oozes with money and wealth…..

We didn’t want to stand in line for entering the 9/11 Memorial (luckily enough we didn’t lose anyone dear that day) but we just had to go and see what’s happening there right now….

It should be really impressive once finished….maybe one day we will come back?

Exactly opposite the building site, there’s this little Church with its graveyard, so peaceful and calm to seem even out of place…..

Checking her guide, my daughter read that we were near a Jeff Koons sculpture she wanted to see, so we kept walking…

Just around the corner, we saw this

the store occupied an entire block, we needed to buy groceries for dinner, so……

This one made me curious…. aren’t the Amish known for simple living, plain dress, and reluctance to adopt many conveniences of modern technology???





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