A family reunion

22 Feb

On a cold but bright saturday morning, we took a long walk towards the 11th Av. at Lincoln Hwy, in order to catch the ferry to Weehawken, NJ. Passing by the Pier 86, I couldn’t help myself, wishing my husband could be there with us, he’s such a fanatic for boats and planes, he would have such a great time visiting this…

Finally we arrived at the boarding………….

and we waved goodbye (momentarely) to Manhattan from the water………..

while we said hello to New Jersey…..and my cousin’s home….see that tall towers?

We met at Port Imperial with my cousin and after a lot of kisses, laughs and hugs (and a very short drive) we were at his home

where after as much kisses and hugs with his wife, we could enjoy this breathtaking view from their living room….

After lunch, and lots of coffee and even more laughs and hugs – we just couldn’t believe we were there together – they were true to their words (they promised us when we met in Italy last Christmas) taking us to Hoboken, can you tell why? Here’s my daughter and cousins walking along the Hudson in Hoboken….

Yup… here we wanted to be!!!!

After a tea break, and a bit of shopping, we returned to the car and to Manhattan, where we had dinner to a very nice restaurant they go to often, and it was such a lovely night, sitting there and talk…..

After dinner we took a walk enjoying the night out, before they drove us back to our apartment…

It was such an amazing day, we had such a great time together and I finally came to admit how much I miss my cousin…we’re one year apart of age, we had such a great childhood sharing everything together, from summer vacations to children illnesses, and we were close as adults too, till he left in 1998………seeing each other once a year simply doesn’t work for me…..










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