Walk the line

25 Feb

Considering we were living a dream in the Big Apple, like we were in a movie or something, a movie scene presented itself …one morning this is what woke us up….

We waited a while but nothing happened, the cars were gone eventually and we started our day…destination, the Chelsea Hotel… I’d do anything to be back in time and be here when all my youth idols were too…..I’m sure it would have been such an experience to have the pleasure to have a talk with Patty, Bob, Robert and Andy*! Too bad the place was closed to the public…

It was sunday and we just HAD to try a typical american tradition….. brunch! It was so much that we had anough for dinner too…..

Luckily we had a walk planned for the afternoon, we had to lose that dish…….. Our choice was the High Line….The sun was high and shining, and even if it was a little windy we enjoyed the walk so very much….

(I hope God has a sense of humor…..)

Back on street level, we were on our way to another must see place…..after some miles (our feet really started to be on strike that day, it was really too much….lol…)

finally it was there, the Flat Iron…

From this view I couldn’t believe this building could actually stand up!

We were back on our footsteps of the night before….

to Washington Square and Park

no, I dind’t ask why he was playing the piano in a square, it was not for money….

towards the Greenwich Village

and Sheridan Square, with the little Christopher Park

Yes, this time I asked for a membership…..

God, looking through my photos to choose the ones for this blog, I have this feeling, like I’m homesick, I want so badly to be back there!!!

*(Smith, Dylan, Mapplethorpe and Warhol)

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