You sure we’re in NYC?

26 Feb

Because everything pointed to another direction……

And I’m sorry to have to say this, but the more we entered the disctrict, the more unpleasant it got…. I found it a little wretched, not to mention the people (lots of people) outside every single store following us and pressing us to buy…….. not very nice…

I don’t know how it was some years ago, but now the end of Chinatown is really melting into Little Italy….

while my fellow countrymen try to keep their identity with some red, white and green….

till Mulberry Street, after that it’s Nolita

My daughter was looking for someting specific here, she lead me to Bowery Street, at 315 Bowery to be exact…..

Now it’s a John varvatos store but once it was “the” temple of rock, called CBGB and I have to admit I can understand the sadness in her eyes being there too late in time, because that was my youth too….. and I can understand also the one who wrote this….

Inside we could see a lot of memorabilia among the clothes and shoes, but clearly it’s not the same at it once was…..

(pics above courteously by the shop itself)

We stayed near for lunch, in this nice restaurant, Gemma….

and while almost everyone else in the room was having pancakes and coffee, we had this….

We kept walking till we sat down on a bench here……..

while my daughter was looking on her guide for the exact location of this…..

after all I’m a biker, right?? Too bad I didn’t have with mw my member card…. and my daughter wouldn’t have allowed me to enter there. She kept pushing me towards another place, so we took the subway again to Tompkins Square just for a mural…..

I’m kidding, I can identify with her……….after all I have London Calling as a ring tone on my cell!

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One response to “You sure we’re in NYC?

  1. Mary

    February 27, 2013 at 3:57 am

    Wow Gracie – I managed to find your new blog and have spent quite a while visiting your posts on NYC, Boston etc. You took some fabulous pics and I loved that you and your daughter were so organized and able to see so many unusual and interesting places on the trip. Bet your feet were worn down with so much walking. A really fabulous travelog!

    Hugs North Carolina – wish you had come down our way!


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