Life on march…..(long post)

02 Apr

Collecting photos for this post I realized it was almost completely about food… I have a new reason to really start again my diet!

The month started with an invitation to one of my new collegues home, she and her partner are bikers too, we already hit the road together, and we seem to get along well even if it’s not even a year we know each other…..She’s very careful about what she eats, she usually buys and cooks organic foods, so it was no big deal to serve a gluten-free dinner and very tasty too…..

The evening was over too soon even if it was well into the night when we left, after hours of chatting seated before the fireplace drinking a whole bottle of white wine …….

The next day was sunday, and the very first time we thought spring was just around the corner – and folks, how wrong we were! – so what’s best than a walk through the park with friends?

Obvioulsy talking about incoming bike trips and possible destinations…….

and ending up in a little old-fashioned pastry shop just opened…..

The next week was full of events to attend. One of my collegue was about to marry, she is from a little village in Sardinia, and she was leaving to be home and tie the knot there. Before that, a bunch of us had lunch together to wish her good luck!

We had a great time (she’s really the nicest girl on earth) and I will treasure her friendship forever…..Below, her wedding box of sweets for us, her grandma embroided about 200 for her!

Next was our friend S. 50th birthday, we had dinner at a nice restaurant just outside town…..

and this is our gift to her, a bracelet made of australian pearls…..

While we were celebrating, spring decided to get lost, this is what I woke up to, one morning, mid-march….

Luckily it didn’t last long, but I’m really tired of this crazy weather, cold, rain and windy days till now…… enough!

That night we were supposed to be at a local event, eventually we made it without much troubles driving along icy roads….The father of my daughter’s best friend is a wine dealer, he invited us to a wines’ tasting, italians and foreigners. I’m really glad they provided us some food too, otherwise I’m not sure we could make it back home safely…..

It was the first time for us to an event like this, there were several different rooms, for different kinds of wines (and the foods that went along better) with experts explaining each wine’s features and backgrounds……….at the end of the evening we were experts too (and a little drunk as well) and had a great time.

I guess the real experts had fun too, but they had a work to do as well, tasting the wines and give votes to the best ones….

while we had fun trying to emulate them….instead of paper and pens, we had cheese and fish….

and a sommelier who was on a mission that night, trying to convert me to red wines over my white favourite…..

but at the end it was not a wine I fell in love with, but this pumpkin and almonds soufflè……

The next sunday we had lunch with some friends in a well known (for truffles and mushrooms) village in the hills, luckily it was cold and windy but the sky was clear almost all day….

they even had a delicious gluten-free chocolate soufflè. I’m glad that the alleys were cleared of the snow, because after that lunch we really needed a walk!

It’s already several yearsthat  my hometown holds a much waited, 3-days fair/event/market, called Cioccolato Puro (Pure Chocolate) and I don’t have to explain you why, right?

But the real event of the month, the BIG one, the one we were really waiting for, was my daughter M. degree. Finally the D-day was here and I couldn’t believe it, it was 5 years I was dreaming about it. We woke up very early in the morning, at 7.00am her friend F. was there for make-up and hair dressing……bringing her the flowers bouquet to hold after the dissertation….

and then we were actually there, entering the university……

yes, I know, a little terrifying………….but then all her friends were there waiting for her turn to be called in, and the panic subsided….(sorry, the pics are blurry, but the light inside was really terrible and I hadn’t much time to get the people posing…..or maybe it was my hand trembling?)

and there she was, sitting before the board of professors, her supervisors (2 of them)  introducing her and her thesis “Post-mortem photography in the Victorian era England”

and now there she is, a new Doctor in Arts and New Media with her laurel wreath – yelling at me to stop crying…..

but, hey….. my mom was crying too, after posing for a pic with her only granddaughter…..(I really hope the photos taken by the official photographer will arrive soon)

the only ones laughing were her closest friends (maybe thinking about the after party at my mom’s, or about the jokes they planned for her in the afternoon around town – waiting to see those photos as well). Aren’t they all beautiful?

Right now she joined the crowd of the out-of-work, but I hope this will end soon…..

At the end of the month we had a 3 days long weekend, it was Easter and we celebrated it the last day at work with the usual easter dove and a glass of wine…..absolutely indispensable is a silly collegue as well…..

What we did on Easter will be the subject of the next post…………….




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3 responses to “Life on march…..(long post)

  1. ionuca

    April 2, 2013 at 3:29 pm

    This is one GREAT post! I am so happy for M.! She so deserved that PhD! Yay, congrats!!!

  2. africankelli

    April 3, 2013 at 2:05 pm

    Gracie! So much love and celebration in this post. It makes me very happy. Congrats to your daughter! She worked so hard for this. Much love to you all!

  3. Pat--Mille Fiori Favoriti

    April 4, 2013 at 4:25 am

    Congratulations to M! What a wonderful accomplishment — I know you must be so very proud of her!

    I loved every photo of all the delcious food you enjoyed this past month — everyhrig looked so mouthwatering good!


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