Easter weekend

04 Apr

Let’s talk about food………..again………because that was a big part of my Easter 3-days-weekend, along with some cultural outing and friends’ gathering, really the best part.

On saturday me and my daughter decided to visit an exhibition, and her friend L and her mom E – one of my best friend – came along. We left in the late morning, and the first stop was a pastry shop where I bought a gluten-free, lactose-free dove as the Easter lunch dessert.

Then we moved on to a cozy place for lunch, an old farmhouse renovated to become a restaurant and organic food shop

We just had some pasta and some cakes, but it was so delicious….

Then we were ready to visit the exhibition, dedicated to Paul Delvaux

It was forbidden (for the first time in this museum) to take photos of the works there, these ones are from the catalogue of the exhibition my daughter bought

On Easter we didn’t do anything beside hanging out at my mom for lunch and  watching tv afterward…….my daughter took a pic while I was helping do the table

and this is what we bought at a local market as a centrepiece, made by kids with Down syndrome…..

My family has an Easter tradition for lunch, so this is what we had (and we knew we were having…..) boiled eggs with tuna and Easter pie as starters

pumpkin filled ravioli as first course

and rabbit roast as main dish, so good….

and obviously, our dove as dessert!

So, after a while I left the company and this is what I did, laying on my bed trying to read (thanks Stacey for introducing me to Jo Nesbo) and to put up with all that food, walking wasn’t an option, it was raining like hell!

On Easter Monday we met with our friends E&L and with the ones from Modena, who made a reservation to a new place, in the hill mid-way between our hometowns….

the restaurant is very bright, very swedish style don’t you think?

and my friends know that they have to pose for some photos, always….

hubby and our “american” friend S (she lived in Chicago for 15 years)

the food was really wonderful….

We are all bikers, so can you guess what we did after lunch? Drove to a nearby circuit, of course……….

eventually it started to rain (again!) so we made it to the circuit bar to have some coffee – and more talk….

They were three busy day (and now I REALLY need to diet!) but I’m glad I had the opportunity to spend some quality time with my family and my dearest friends. Actually this is the best way to spend our days, right?

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