Another busy weekend

11 Apr

Some time ago I promised my friend PP (recently moved back here from north Italy) that we would spend a whole day together, like we used to do when we were younger (much younger….) and without family obbligations….So last saturday morning I finished my weekly groceries shopping very early, and then took the bus to one of our local market where I met her.

We bought some marmalade, some cheese and she bought a beautiful bag for her sister-in-law birthday. After a while we got hungry and looking at my watch we realized it was well past lunch time….we looked into each other’s eyes and with a laugh we walked toward a well known place here, established some 3 decades ago, and a must for a fast lunch or break…don’t get fooled, fast doesn’t mean cheap or cheap quality, and the crazy crowd usually there is a sign….we used to go there after school, almost every day and the place isn’t changed in all these years….still a very small place, just a handful of seats, and the crowd out, in the street, eating sandwiches (the best ever!) or its famous “carciofa” (artichokes pie) even under the umbrella when it’s raining! It was a big surprise to me that now they have also corn bread, but I had to miss the carciofa…..sigh….

Eating and remembering the old good days was good, but the weather not that much, the sky promised rain, so we crossed the park in a hurry

towards PP (new) home…..she’s recently divorced, no kids, and her only company is Lulù, a lady cat who posed for me on PP bed…

We talked about a lot of things (her ex, most of all….) my daughter, and all the dreams we had back in the school days….and as if what we had for lunch wasn’t enough, we had this for snack…(she made those in the morning with gluten-free flour, isn’t she lovely?)

We had a great time and we promised to meet more often………and leaving her home I asked myself how I could possibly deal with that evening dinner out with friends….luckily it was all fish and veggies, mostly steamy cooked…..

but I couldn’t resist their gluten-free strawberries pie….

I felt very guilty, but I forgave myself thinking that on sunday I had a walk planned with my daughter…..we strolled around our neighborhood, as always

But obviously after a hour and a half of walking, we couldn’t resist to stop by to our usual ice-cream shop…..

no sugar and not lactose, still……oh damn!

And before leaving for our walk, can you guess what me and my daughter baked? And someone maybe can guess why?

yes………….peach cobbler……………lol………..


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