Salsa & Merengue

15 Apr

There are some places that you learn to love step by step, some that you dislike and never be back again, and some you fell in love with at first sight. The last one was my case….I went there for the first time celebrating a friend’s birthday and felt at home.

It’s usually calm and quiet if you go there on week days to have some very tasty latin foods…..

It can become a very different place on friday and saturday nights, when lots of people meet there, especially if the manager is particularly inspired….and he is almost all the time! Point in case, last saturday night, dinner with friends and……..well, lots to drink too! The best part? Watching some very talented people dance after dinner on the prepared areas…and singing along!

My daughter and her friends are frequent visitors (we all like spicy foods) and she told me to have a light lunch that day………and I’m glad I followed her advice!


The heart and soul behind all that? These are two of the terrific guys in the kitchen….

As soon as we thought that we could never move a finger…….the dances began……

Ok, I have to admit I gave it a try….and fell on a couch soon after the first dance….too much to eat…but not to drink, I had 3 of my favourite drink in the world…..

It was a great night, even our friend G (the one we call “three-toed sloths” and I don’t think I have to explain why, right?) was very alive and kicking that night, a sort of miracle. Ahhhh…the power of music and food “muy caliente”….


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