A new town to discover – part 1

06 May

So, after debating where to go considering the bad weather forecast (we were on a bike, our beloved Kawasaki Z1000), over a wide open map of Italy on the table, we pointed our fingers to Pesaro.  Like so many other towns in Italy, little or big, this one too was founded by the Romans, and considering its proximity to the sea it has flourished over the centuries being home of many important and wealthy families. We’ve been in that region already but not exactly there, so it was a common decision to call it home for 4 days. The day before we booked this hotel, choosen among others for the possibility to have gluten-free dinners for me.

After 300 kms and a lot of traffic on the road (the 25th april is national holiday here and everybody was going away) we unpacked, took a quick shower and out we went, walking along the promenade and an almost deserted beach (the sun was playing hide-and-seek and the water and the breeze didn’t invite for a bath….)

We finally got hungry and following the instructions of the concierge we found our way to a very good gluten-free pizza

After lunch we walked through the residential area close to the sea, where in the late ’30 the wealthiest families of the Marches had their vacation homes, now all renovated to the ancient splendor…..

We even got a new friend living in a house near the hotel, every time we passed through there going back to the hotel, he greeted us……….

I had a gret surprise while walking through a square near the sea, I had a sort of dejà-vu………, I was not back in NYC………

We kept walking, going forward the oldest part of town….but you have to wait till my fingers will hit the board again…

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One response to “A new town to discover – part 1

  1. Dee

    May 6, 2013 at 2:34 pm

    Can’t help imagining how awesome it would be to live in one of those elegant old homes.


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