Part 3 – The old town

08 May

Walking through the oldest part of Pesaro, we had the pleasure to discover another one of the many italian towns full of history and charm…………..

The Cathedral, dedicated to St. Mary in Assumption, built at the beginning of the XII century, in romanesque and neoclassic style, but the partial mosaic on the floor suggests more ancient origins, maybe around the IV century. Too bad the cathedral was closed in the afternoon, because inside there’s a fresco that’s been attributed to the school of Raffaello that I’d like to see.

The native home of Gioacchino Rossini, one of the most famous italian opera composers.

Ducale Palace, its facade wanted this way by Alessandro Sforza, then the palace passed on to the signories that held the power in the city, Malatesta and Della Rovere.

Church of St. Domenico, built in 1290 by the Dominican Order in gothic style, once with a monastery, is now the headquarter of Italian Mail & Post Office…..

Fountain Della Rovere in Del Popolo Square, built in 1588, with red marble from Verona

The Opera House, dedicated to Rossini

The remaining walls of the convent of St. Mary of the Angels

Fortress Costanza, built between 1474 and 1483 by  Costanzo Sforza who entrusted the great architect Luciano Laurana  with the work. The fortress passed on to other families over the centuries as they held the power of the town and the surrounding region, and in 1657 with the annexation of the area to the Papal States it became an outpost for the papal guards and in 1864 a prison.

We enjoyed this little charming town so very much – I have more photos, obviously, and I’m really amazed by the beauty of my country, more and more, and willing to discover new places.

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One response to “Part 3 – The old town

  1. Dee

    May 9, 2013 at 2:39 pm

    Amazing to see these structures that were built three centuries before my country even existed. I love you sharing Italy’s long, rich history with us.


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