Romagna, land of motors…

10 May

Nobody really knows why it works this way but that’s it, Romagna (and the very nearest area of Marche) is since forever a land that give birth to many car and bike pilots and a place where you can find the highest concentration of small and bigger garages, cars’ producers and dealers (just the names Ferrari and Lamborghini should ring a bell…)

Among the pilots you can name Dovizioso, Melandri, Pasini, and before them Gresini, Rossi, Ferrari, the very much loved Zanardi and many others.

A very few of them however hold a very special place in the heart of the “aficionados”, one is for sure Valentino Rossi. When he’s not travelling around the world, hurrying up to one race track to another, he calls home a little village in the hills near Pesaro, Tavullia. We’ve been there once before, but just went through it to another destination, this time we stayed for a while, knowing that he was home (and I tell you in advance, nope… we didn’t see him, rumors – his friend – were he were testing a bike in his private motocross track). But we enjoyed being there nevertheless….

Obvioulsy we had to stop here………..

but I didn’t complained with my husband because I got this….(and the money goes to charity, so…)

Then we had a very long conversation with a nice guy at the Valentino 46 Official Fan Club and had lunch at the restaurant he opened with a bunch of friends

Another pilot so very much loved and who left us too way too soon is Marco Simoncelli. We had the oppurtunity to know him personally in 2008 at the circuit of Misano the year of his best racing season, and it was such a pleasure to spend a little time with him, coz he was so nice and down to earth. While we were away for our long weekend, a bunch of fans, a group of his followers named 58Boys (the number was his’) organized a two-days event for the second time, the SicDay 2013, between the Misano Circuit (now named after Marco) and his home. It was really great to be there along with hundreds of bikers and people who instead of crying for his death celebrated his life, as he would have preferred.

In Coriano, his hometown………….

(see, in the car glass there’s a reflection of me taking the pic and dear hubby)

in the church where his funeral was celebrated I lighted a candle for him…

At Misano Circuit…………..








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One response to “Romagna, land of motors…

  1. Gattina

    May 10, 2013 at 2:54 pm

    Must be quiet noisy with all these motorbikes, lol !


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