MEF and friends

27 May

M as in Museo Casa

E as in Enzo

F as in Ferrari

We were there yesterday, me and hubby. It was a sunny day after three of bad weather (very cold and rainy) and early in the morning we took our bike and drove to the near Modena to visit this new museum housed in the native house of the “Drake” where his father had also his motor workshop. The color choosen for the rooftop of the museum itself (not the usual red Ferrari, famous worldwide) is to remember the yellow shield in the background of the horse in the Ferrari logo. They restored the old house and the workshop to tell Enzo’s story visions, and there’s also a bookshop and cafè/restaurant inside.

The cars collections is not large as the “old” museum in Maranello, (that we saw twice and it’s worth a third time) but it’s really worth a visit for the unique pieces… a great part of the history of the evolution of the F1 cars….The panels you can see among the cars and on the walls are oil paintings by Enrico Ghinato from his collection The Car, Shape and Reflections  and they are amazing.

A part of the space is currently dedicated to a temporary exhibition, the bikes used by Federico Fellini in his movies (he was from Rimini, not that so far away, same passion for motors)

The old house is more about the man and his vision, his personal life so deeply intertwined with his professional one….his diaries (always with an italian flag folded between the pages)

his office, with the large conference table and the photo of his lost son always on the wall

the prizes he cherished the most (for the most difficult victories)….

and the evolution of the Ferrari logo over the years….

….hubby did the tour twice….

See the white waves of the wall? They are the symbolic pages of the book of Ferrari life telling his story…

After the visit we met with our friends from Modena (they already visited the museum) and we drove up to the hills to a nice little village that, like many others in Italy, has an old castle (this one is dated back the X century, built to defend the region from the magyars)

We had lunch in a restaurant famous for serving traditional local dishes at a fairly price and our expectations were satisfied…(sorry for the blurry pic, I was too near…)

After lunch we walked through the village, catching up with each other news and plans for the summer and (finally) enjoying the sun….















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