Volterra – four

07 Jun

We  were surrounded by history, beauty and peace………. but we didn’t forget more down-to-earth things, like eating and sleeping well!

Let’s start wit our hotel, this one, right on top of the hill at the gate of the oldest part of town, that has a long history in itself….you see, in the pic, hubby on the street waiting for me, and our friend on the balcony of our rooms….

in the lobby, a bright alabaster piece of art…

We didn’t know this hotel and we didn’t make the reservation…. You know, my collegue was in Volterra last year for a short visit, and she had dinner at a nice restaurant and talked to the owner. It came out he was a motorbike pilot on the ’80, currently driving in some local rally championship. He told her his hometown deserved a longer stay and if she was to come back one day, to contact him. She did right that, and he booked us two rooms! Obviously the evening of our arrival we had dinner at his restaurant….. We started with typical tuscan appettizers…

and this one special for me, gluten-free

then we had some meat rolls I forgot to shoot (too good to think about anything else…lol…) and these terrific desserts, chocolate-bricks, as they call it

and vanille meringue flavored with chilli pepper and a cinnamon sauce………superb!

After dinner Mr Vannini offered us his homemade “limoncino” (a lemon spirit) and this special grappa meant, as the label recites, “as a healthy cough syrup”…

and we finish the evening well late into the night (we were the last guests to leave) talking about…..bikes, what else?

The next day we had a quick lunch at a typical “osteria” where we indulged in our passion for cheese and jam…

For our last dinner in Volterra we choose a small restaurant hidden between the walls of a very narrow street, and I’m glad we did! It looks like we are somewhere in England but trust me, it was indeed Volterra….

Hubby is studying the menu, not so sure what to choose…

but it really didn’t matter because everything was so good! The “crostini” with tuscan patè…..

the “gnocchi” in a parmesan cheese nest….

scallops with potatoes cream…

and the chocolate cake with orange flavored cream…

After dinner we walked through enchanted streets till this place

that has another room in the back where we sit at an old church confessional to have our last shot of “grappa”…..


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One response to “Volterra – four

  1. Gattina

    June 7, 2013 at 3:28 pm

    One thing is for sure, I don’t have to worry that you don’t get enough to eat ! lol !


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