Back in time

13 Jun

While we were in Volterra, the local Tourist Office with some local no-profit organizations planned a day full of events based on the medieval times.

It’s called “Palio del Cero” (Tug of War). The eight districts of the town fight against each other in order to win the big candle that lies lightened up at the top of a sort of cart at the middle of the rope. The winner keeps the candle in its headquarter till the next year. The actual celebration day was sunday (the day we were supposed to leave) but on saturday afternoon there was a sort of preview, with all the people involved rehearsing the ceremonies, and a spectacular dinner in the main square.

So it wasn’t unusual walking through town and meet some strange people directly from the past…..

Some of them even posing for me…..

The lady above asked me for a paper tissue while she deserved a silk one so dressed up…lol… and the one below in green velvet, made me wait to take the photo till she hide her cell!

These below are the standards of the disctricts, and the table settled in the square for dinner….

Unfortunately we weren’t invited, so we had to find another restaurant and walking to it, inside a courtyard I saw these people fixing the final touches to their performance….

Back from our dinner we crossed the square once again, and the feast was still in full bloom….

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