Paintings and Arts and Balls and Bikes…..

25 Jun

It’s been a busy and intense weekend….it all started with some art, we moved on to moving balls and we finished with motors…..but all that with friends and this is the best part!

Saturday, late afternoon, it was that time of the year again, where my hometown becomes a wide open, free and colorful stage for all types of art. Mostly, by young artists and art students.

It’s called BoulevArt, as in the “streets for arts” and indeed, almost all the streets in the city center are closed to cars traffic and become an involving big theatre….some artist (very strange I have to say but with a lot of fantasy) created an unique (as in for-just-one-person ) drive-in….

some were real circus artists….

some others created fantastic cakes

or created beautiful pas-de-deux….

Someone painted on the ground….

or on someone else body…

or on old armchairs creating new terrific furniture pieces……..

As you can see from my photos, the streets were really full of people, wandering around till the evening…..

and there was even a radio station broadcasting live

At dinner time there were places where you could eat in the open among artistic work, but we decided to visit a painter exhibition instead…

This is the painter himself, posing for me but only to try to convince me to buy a pic I was very interested in….less charming was the price, about 1,000€uros (around 1,300$)………..

Eventually we got hungry, so we decided to go to a familiar place where we knew we could have fun that night….

Outside it was very windy and quite cold

while inside it was crowded, but we managed to have dinner anyway….

and after that, we moved to the adjoining rooms where we watched the billiard tournaments. Too bad we didn’t register in advance!

We made even with the beers we drank, rivers of that!

We made it to bed very late, and that was so very bad, because on sunday we had an early date with others friends at a race track. But this is another story….











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