Sequel to last weekend (the bikes part)…..

25 Jun

Sunday morning we drove our bike to the race circuit near Modena, where we met with our friends L&S (aren’t they cute?)

The reason we met there was this one below….

The two days event was dedicated to Walter Villa, a local (and international) bike pilot. The event is at its 11th year thanks to his son and his friends, old races time companions. Two of them were there, Graziano Rossi (yes, Valentino Rossi father) and Luca Cadalora Here you can see Graziano at the circuit bar and the two of them giving interviews

In the last pic, the guy smiling at them, in white shirt is Gianluca Villa, Walter son. And the reason we were there, because he’s a dear friend of our friend L (his father was the one who taught L how to drive a bike)

Later in the day the two of them perfomed for the audience, testing bikes….

driving fast cars (Rossi)

and Casey Stoner winning bike (Cadalora)

We stayed all day at our friend box, chatting with other pilots and their partners, sharing travels memories and exchanging addresses of hotels and road tips

And then it was our friend L time to drive his Triumph Daytona on the rack. There they are, L and my husband (L calls him his personal trainer, advisor and competent mechanic) sharing the last moments before the race

We had the opportunity to finally meet a friend of L, his team mate M, a guy from Austria who works at Maranello for the F1 Team in Ferrari as chief mechanic (here with L and on his Ducati, ready to ride). Guess about what we talked all the time? Yup……team gossips!

Finally it was time for husband to try a new bike from Honda….

He registered days before for a rack test, here he is, getting the last advices and ready to go…

Luckily for me that bike didn’t meet husband expectations……we’re gonna keep our present bike a little more…..

There was so much noise, so much gasoline fumes to inhale, we had a sandwich for a quick lunch……but we did what we like best, spending time with dear friends talking and “living” our favourite hobby, bikes!

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One response to “Sequel to last weekend (the bikes part)…..

  1. Gattina

    June 26, 2013 at 1:56 pm

    Nothing for me ! I once rode on a Harley, never again, lol ! The driver certainly had blue bruises on his thighs because I clinched on him !


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