Sunday it was about perfection…..

02 Jul

You know, my husband has this cousin, A. They are 5 years apart but they grew up very close, even if they never lived in the same town all their lives. He worked almost all his life with his family as a peasant and a farmer, with not much free time. A few years ago he changed job and he has finally more time to dedicate to what he really loves, his partner A., his true passion (to dance) and his bike! We followed them around every time we could to see them and their group dancing rock, boogie and swing (and they are reeeeeally good!).

Considering dancing is their true passion, it’s not that often that we can be together driving around. Usually it’s just for a day off, last time we drove our bikes for a short vacation together was back in 2009(!) and then just a few times from now and then. So when he called a few weeks back saying that the two of them and their dancing companions (all bikers, obviously!) were organizing a trip to a lake in the mountain, would we like to be on board? You already know the answer………. We called also our friends E. and L. and we were ready!

Last sunday was the day. We all met along the road at fixed places (considering we all live apart), 20 people on 13 bikes, and the view climbing up was really nice….

After a few miles on a gravelly road (so we drove very slowly) there it was, our final dstination, Rifugio Lago Scuro (the Dark Lake hut)

A short visit to the restroom….and we were ready to walk along the little lake and into the woods…………….

Come on A., leave that cell alone!!!

We weren’t alone there, but the others nature lovers hadn’t a bike’s engine under their backside!

Back at the hut, a little refreshment offered by the mountain itself and some time for a little talk….

The fresh air and the walk had a consequence, we got all very hungry, husband was the first to sit down at the table on the terrace

then he traded place when we all arrived for lunch

Sorry, I was too busy eating, laughing, taking photos of my buddies to take photos of the food, but God……was it good!!! Below, the manager of the hut (the owner is the community) and her husband, she’s the cook and they both are so funny to talk with……….all you have to know is that they did the Way of St. James, twice, by foot … many stories to tell, and they are really good at sharing them………….

It was the longest lunch in history! We were having such a great time talking, inhaling the fresh air so full of smells, drinking the specialty of the house (kindly offered, and thank God it wasn’t that much alcoholic….)

Finally we got up and ready to leave. We drove through some areas that last winter were severely damaged by landslides and flood, and my hearth hurt to see such beauty so devasted, and thinking about how much the people living there lost.

We stopped for a coffee (and to say goodbye to each other) at a little village where we used to go when my daughter was very little, to escape from the city heat…..see the house below, upper raw of windows? we stayed there…..

It was really the perfect day, you know, when you’re at ease with everyone, you’re doing what you like the most, having a great time talking and laughing for nothing, good food, peaceful and stunning surrounding………..just what you need to feel blessed and recharged……….



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3 responses to “Sunday it was about perfection…..

  1. BrittArnhild

    July 2, 2013 at 5:28 pm

    Lovely photos 🙂

  2. ionuca

    July 2, 2013 at 7:19 pm

    It’s so cool that you have so many friends who share your passion for motorcycles, good food and long rides 🙂

  3. Gattina

    July 5, 2013 at 4:46 pm

    Looks like the perfect day ! Sunshine, good food and a beautiful landscape !


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