A nice trip through Germany (part 1)

13 Aug

So it was time, at last! Time for our summer vacation, on our bike as usual…………….

The feeling of freedom that only driving a bike you can really appreciate……… matter the rain, or the unberable hot………….do it once, and you’ll know what I mean…….. and the incredible people you can meet on the road, a big family no matter the language or the country, you just share the same soul………….and the road……….

After about 600 km (very hot but thankfully not so much traffic) in the afternoon we arrived at our first stop in Germany, in this nice hotel in Lindau. Lindau is a Bavarian town and an island (and we were there, on the island) on the eastern side of Lake Constance, the Bodensee as they called it in their language. Lindau was first mentioned by a monk from St. Gallen (Switzerland) in a document of 882, stating that Adalbert, count of Raetia, had founded a nunnery on the island. However remains of an early Roman settlement dating back to the 1st century have been found in the district. In 1180 the St. Stephan’s church was founded. In 1224 the Franciscans founded a monastery on the island. In 1274 Lindau became an Imperial Free City under King Rudolph I. In 1430, about 15 of the town’s Jews were burned at the stake after being accused of murdering a Christian child. In 1528, Lindau accepted the Protestant Reformation. After the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire, Lindau lost its status as an Imperial Free City in 1802. The city went to Karl August von Bretzenheim who gave the city and monastery to the Kingdom of Austria in 1804. In 1805 Austria returned the city to Bavaria. In 1853 a causeway was built to connect the railway from Munich to the island.

It was a pleasure and a really nice surprise this little city, even if we knew already the architecture and the design of the region from previous visits, we had a great time strolling around….

This one below (here engraved on a street pavement) is a lime tree, the Coat of Arms of the city of Lindau, and you can see it almost everywhere in every possible way and form….

such as on top of the stunning building of the Rathaus –  the german word literally translating as “council house”, meaning seat of local government – built in the VX century

and this is the back of the building……

While planning our trip I found out that in Lindau there was an exhibition about Mirò, so I decided it was an opportunity I couldn’t let go….too bad inside no photos were allowed….

It was a little disappointing, too little on show and with bad lighting, but I’m glad I visited it anyway….and my husband found a way on his own to refresh his spirit after a (according to him) boring experience….

More to come on what we enjoyed there ……






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One response to “A nice trip through Germany (part 1)

  1. ionuca

    August 14, 2013 at 4:54 pm

    Oh, wow, I’ve just been to Baden-Württemberg, but next time I’m in Germany I’ll definitely visit Bayern! It looks like an amazing Land, although most of the Germans scorn when they hear about it :))


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