A nice trip through Germany (part 2)

14 Aug

Don’t forget we were on a lake…………the next day we had a boat ride planned, the sun was shining and it was so hot I had to buy a cap to protect myself….and we had a great time!

Here’s Lindau little harbor…..with the bavarian lion to protect the boats and the lighthouse to show the way…..

and the Mangturm tower (the old lighthouse) ……

with the Rapunzel hair hanging from a window….

Finally our boat was about to leave, and we were on board ready to live the adventure….

The view from the boat was terrific, and even if it was a long ride (2 and a half hours to go and 3 and a half back – the lake is 70 km long!) we didn’t get bored at all!

We had also some coffee at the boat bar….they had lots of cakes on their menu as well, but we were brave enough to say no…..

We approached little villages along the ride to let people in and out, and it was a fantastic view from the water……….

See that thing up in the sky in the pic below? that’s a Zeppelin…….but that’s a story for another post…

Finally, around lunch time, we arrive in Konstanz………

unfortunately we didn’t have so much time, just a quick stroll near the harbor after lunch….but this tall lady at the entrance of the harbor made us curious……

The “Imperia” is a statue commemorating the Council of Konstanz that took place there between 1414 and 1418. The concrete statue is 9 metres high, weighs 18 tonnes, and stands on a pedestal that rotates around its axis once every four minutes. It was created by Peter Lenk and clandestinely erected in 1993. The erection of the statue caused controversy, but it was on the private property of a rail company that did not object to its presence. The Imperia shows a woman holding two men on her hands. The two men represent Pope Martin V and Emperor Sigismund. Martin V was elected during the Council while Sigismund was the king who called the council. Both are naked except for the crown and papal tiara, respectively, that they wear as symbols of their power. The statue refers to a short story by Balzac, “La belle Impéria”. The story is a harsh satire of the Catholic clergy’s morals, where Imperia seduces cardinals and princes at the Council of Constance and has power over them all. The historical Imperia was a well-educated Italian courtesan named Lucrezia de Paris who was born in 1485 in Ferrara, well after the council, and never visited Konstanz.

and here I am, with my cap on, posing like a real tourist……….

And then it was time for the ride back………..

We were so good not to eat any sweets, at lunch we had a salad, so that night we gave in and had dinner (a well deserved pork knuckle with roasted potatoes) at a  “Biergarten” near the hotel. A beer garden (a loan translation from the German Biergarten) is an outdoor area in which beer, other drinks, and local food are served. Beer gardens originated in Southern Germany (especially Bavaria) and are most common there. They are usually attached to a beer hall, pub, or restaurant.






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One response to “A nice trip through Germany (part 2)

  1. Gattina

    August 19, 2013 at 4:21 pm

    Beautiful holidays ! I scrolled through your posts.


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