A nice trip through Germany (part 3)

19 Aug

I’m sure I’ve already told about my husband passion for the flight history, he knows (almost) everything there’s to know about planes and alike….so when we found out that near Lindau there was the Zeppelin Museum, can you guess what we did the next day? Obviously, this….

An ancient human dream came to fruition on the 2nd July 1900, as the first Zeppelin blimp took to the sky from Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance. The Zeppelin Museum in Friedrichshafen offers a comprehensive exhibition programme which highlights both of the collection areas; art and technology. Since its re-opening in July 1996 over 1.9 million visitors have visited the world’s largest show on the history and technology of blimp air travel. In the individual sections, visitors learn about the various methods of construction, start and landing operations, aerodynamics and navigation, and the civil and military use of blimps. One of the excellent exhibits is the 33 m long reconstruction of the original LZ 129 Hindenburg blimp.

I have to admit it was an interesting visit, to see how a man’s dream actually become a reality, but for me the most amazing part of the visit was this one, the plates and table services for the fortunate (and wealthy) ones flying from Europe to America in that time….all in fine bavarian china and crystal

After lunch we were ready for another man, another dream and another museum, the Dornier Museum and no, hubby was not desperate, it was just so damn hot!

Displayed at the museum are Dornier aircraft types (including licensed-production), unmanned aerial vehicles, models and historical photographs, plus aerospace equipment including satellites.  The new Dornier Museum takes the visitors on a journey to the world of aerospace. About 400 exhibits give a survey of 100 years of pioneering spirit at Dornier. A dozen original Dornier airplanes have found an authentic environment in a newly built hangar, which is connected to the Friedrichshafen Airport. Smaller exhibits are integrated in thematically arranged, interactive exhibition cubes that set coloured accents within the room. A white Museum Box, that seems to levitate in the Hangar, is chronologically structured: It shows the exhibits in their historic context and forms the core of the staged exhibition.

My husband had a great time, he was like a child let free in the Land of Toys………….

Ah……… the things you do for love………………..after the visit we relaxed outside the museum, near the airfield……..

And the next day we were ready to leave Lindau, next destination Baden-Baden…………




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