Little things, here and there….

28 Aug

While I was busy at work (working 10/11 hours a day – I’m so relieved it’s over!) and at home trying to fix things before our summer bike trip, and planning the trip itself with all the details, and then downloading and post photos about it……… well, while busy with all this, a lot of things happened around here. Now it’s time to show you.

Last weekend of june and first one of july. Reaching the 17th edition this year, a multi-cultural gathering was held in a little town about 10 kms from where I live. Basically it’s a series of cultural events – from ethnic dances to concerts, from workshops to photographic exhibitions, from poetry readings to habits and customs lectures – organized by the many associations of foreigners living on the territory. And don’t forget about the food……stands from all over the world providing the best food experience you can dream about, a feast of colors, flavors and smells…..from late afternoon to deep into the night, it was really a time to remember

We choose that particular day so to have the chance to listen to what our Minister of Integration, Cécile Kyenge Kashetu, had to say. She’s is an Italo-Congolese politician and ophthalmologist. This Ministry is a new thing for our country and her election caused a stir, some people not really accepted her being black. After moving to Italy in 1983, she became a qualified ophthalmologist in Modena, and she founded an intercultural Association (DAWA) to promote mutual awareness, integration and cooperation between Italy and Africa, particularly in the Democratic Republic of Congo. She is also the spokesperson of the association “March First”, which works to promote the rights of migrants in Italy. In February 2013 she was elected member of the Chamber of Deputies for the Democratic Party in Emilia-Romagna. Two months later she was appointed Minister for Integration becoming Italy’s first black cabinet minister. She supports the introduction of a Jus soli law to grant citizenship to children of immigrants born on Italian soil. It was a very interesting speech, but that set more questions than answers on how to learn to live side by side in a global world….

The same week my husband had a very good news, along with all the local football team fans. Antonio Cassano (if you are football lovers you know who he is, if not look here) signed a five years agreement with Parma AC. He’s well known for his stormy nature (being a father now he toned down) but he’s also very talented and all the fans here are thrilled. So it was a very intense time following him during his time here, undergoing medical examinations, holding press conferences (at the team head office) and the official presentation to the fans (at the stadium) followed by a dinner open to all the championship subscribers. My husband is obviously one of them, and he took me along (photos from our local newspaper – better than mine, I was too far – but the last one, taken at the restaurant with the team manager)

He choose to live in the city center, in a penthouse overlooking the main square, as you can see in the pic below, taken last week during the official team presentation to the city, a very crowded, noisy and fun night! (the sign says “Hi dad”)

It was nice to see new and old faces…..and it was worth the swollen ankle I got trying to gain positions among the crowd to take pics of the players and staff members while going on the stage………..(damn, it still hurts!). This year will mark the centenary of the football team, being born the 27th july 1913……….

Mid-july was also the time for two big opening here, the Nespresso shop and another big bookshop for used books, just around the corner of the same building…..and no, Geroge Clooney wasn’t there! I had the chance to see the work in progress of both, because the coffee shop is run by a former collegue and a friend of my daugher is employed at the bookshop (and yes, I bought books every time I was there!)

see the spectacled guy? he’s A, my daughter’s friend….

More later………..















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