Now, that’s something new!

06 Sep

You know, sometimes there’s somebody who has a very nice idea that I like to share. Case in point, these two people, married and working together, managing a tobacco/bar/postcard shop near my office.

Do you see what he has in his hand? yes, they are lighters. They asked one of the most popular company on the market to make some special edition of lighters introducing some peculiarities of our hometown…

So, at the price of €1,50 each, you can be the proud owner of the one citing a very famous parmesan way of saying…..(translation: Balbo, you may have crossed the Atlantic, but not the Parma river)

Perhaps not everyone knows that this sentence was written in 1922 by a partisan to mock the fascist Balbo, author of a famous flight across the Atlantic Ocean, but unable to cross the far smaller city river to go to Oltretorrente (behind the water) barricades defended by the “Arditi del Popolo” (partisans) and civilians.

Or you can buy the classic ones, with the usual “I love” logo, with a heart and the Battistero, one of our most famous and beloved monuments…

Then we have three of them with the most used phrase in the entire world….but enriched with our dialect…

The blue one says literally “give it some oil” meaning be faster doing a work (and really don’t ask me why, maybe just because if you lubricate a mechanism it works better and faster).

The orange one says “lower your crest” meaning be humbler or be less a boaster

The red one says “hurry up” used in every occasion

This below is my favourite (front and back)…………

The man drawn on it is the local head banger, a man with an indeterminate age, walking through the city all year long with the same attire, always available to share a beer if you’re buying, and to share with you anecdotes of his life. Here’s a pic of the real subject…just the same, don’t you think?

Yesterday back from work I just had to stop at the shop again and buy them………I can’t help myself….





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