What happened lately…..

07 Oct

Ok, sorry for being away for too long, me too I missed updating here, but life has its own way to keep you distracted….

Anyway, here are some photos about what happened to me in the last few weeks, starting with a mid-september 100 years anniversary celebration of a place dear to all my fellow citizens, a kiosk in the biggest and most crowded park in town, that day they offered a free buffet to the old and new customers (you had to register in advance, obviously). Luckily the weather was just fine……Everyone living here has memories of this place, it’s open all year with different hours but always a meeting point for anyone.

After that it was time for another celebration, a new bar opening right in the street at the corner to where I work, and the new manager is the brother of a dear friend, so obviously we couldn’t miss it!

See the guy above? he’s A, and now you know where I have a free coffee each morning…………

A very cold and rainy sunday morning we received a call from our friends L&S from Modena, they were on their way to pick us up and bring us out for lunch. Could we say no? We had lunch at one of our usual place in the mountain and then spent the afternoon chatting in a bar nearby………..

Talking about friends, my daughter just made a new one. I have this collegue, it’s about one year, she lives in Milan but has a little flat here for the working week, and we get along pretty well together. We often talk about our daughters, about the same age, and we found out they have a lot in common, so we decided to have a night out all together. We choose a japanese restaurant, another thing we all have in common, a fondness for that kind of food……..

We had a great time and since that evening M and L have met twice already, just the two of them, but we’re planning another dinner soon all together.

The next weekend was one full of events, we attented two, the first was one centered on old arts and works, with some native fruits and veggies market, held at a park in the outskirts of town

and the next day we strolled around the city center where the annual Parma Ham Festival was held. We had lots of tasting and we collected new recipes….

It was a feast for the eyes, the nose and the (watering) mouth………..and there were also lots of foreigners and it was so funny being in the city main square and listen to so many languages….

The end of the month signed also my 52nd birthday (sic!) but this a story for the next post………….











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2 responses to “What happened lately…..

  1. Kelli

    October 7, 2013 at 5:20 pm

    I really do love your photos, Gracie! I feel like I am getting to know Italy through you!

  2. Gattina

    October 8, 2013 at 9:29 am

    What a nice and busy week ! I love Japanese food ! BTW you are right, little kids are very tiring, lol !


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