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29 Nov

A couple of days ago I posted on IG two shots of an old church, St. Tiburzio………

The church of St. Tiburzio, currently deconsecrated , is located in an old and narrow alley in the city center. The church dates from the V century and it became parish in the 1230. In the XV century it depended on the abbey of St. Giovanni Evangelista.
To the church it was attached a convent, erect in 1386, of the converts of St. Tiburzio under the rule of the Third Order of St. Francis ; the community was dissolved in 1810 and in 1885 the church  passed under the control of the Filippo Neri congregation, a brotherhood for the assistance to the poors and the sicks.

The church was closed in 1913 and, after a restauration, the cult was reopened around 1945 for the spiritual assistance to the near university students.
The building is owned by the town council and Mass in no officiated anymore. The church was restored in the actual forms around 1720 on a project of  Edelberto dalla Nave, a parmesan architect who worked a lot here but was formed at the Florence academy.

The building, of small dimensions, has the form of a Greek cross and is covered by an octagonal “tiburio” (dome cladding).  The façade consists of two levels, the lower articulated by four columns with ionic capitals, the upper one presents lesenes (pilaster strips). In the niches close to the portal are situated the statues of the Faith and the Charity, (now closed and protected by wood boxed) while on the entablature the four statues of St. Filippo Neri, St. Carlo Borromeo, St. Nicola and San Vincenzo de’ Paul, all realized by Agostino Ferrarini and inserted on the façade in the 1885 (these also in wood boxes, till it will be decided the best way to restore them…and how to find the money). Ferrarini also provided the sculptures of the Four Cardinal Virtues in the inside, while the frescos with the Evangelists of the dome and the Assumption in the vault are works of Giovanni Gaibazzi.

Too bad the church is closed and it seems there’s no money to restore and open it to the public (like many others buildings) because I’m sure it has in stores beautiful treasures inside….


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