Funny, busy, nice weekend

03 Dec

Late september, one morning going to work, in the city main square…..

I got curious and came closer…..

I was right, it was one of the famous women of Botero…………..

As soon as I could get an internet access I tried to understand what that was about, and I found out that my hometown were about to house a Botero exhibition and that another of his sculptures was placed just before the main opera theatre in town………..So that evening, I passed the same square…..

to reach the other one and admire another of his fat creatures…..

I knew I had time because the exhibition would have been open till the 8 of december, and with daughter M we decided we had a date!

Finally the day was fixed and last saturday afternoon me and daughter M had a shopping spree for the last Christmas gifts around town….

When we were done, it was just the right time for a cup of coffee, so we met with our friends E and L at a well know cake shop in town….well, not just coffee….

Very satisfied, the four of us walked to the main square and the Palazzo del Governatore (Governor’s Palace) where the exhibition is held (sorry, few pics from inside, it was forbidden to take photos – don’t ask why – but I’ve stolen some with my cell)

The view from the upper floor was nice though…..

We were home late saturday evening and hubby was at the football match, so before leaving home I made these for dinner, they were just ready to eat as everyone was home….

Sunday morning we took the highway to Modena, where our friends L and S live. We had a nice talk and aperitif at their home ….

and then we drove to the restaurant where they had a reservation.

Hubby had a very tasteful (according to him) roasted pork while I had a typical local dish called “cappello del prete” (priest hat) for its form (it’s basically a variation of the cotechino but the pork meat is grinded more thinly with the addition of some wine. It’s cooked like the cotechino, boiled and it is accompanied with mashed potatoes).

After lunch we drove to the Modena Race Track to see the presentation of a new racing car………….

Two days before Modena mourned the loss of one of its great man, Umberto Panini, the last of four brothers who in the ’60 founded the italian (and not only) collectibles company. Every boy and girl in Italy is grown collecting their figurines…. His family owns also a farm for bovines breeding and milk and cheese production. Inside the farm, beside the family home, there’s Mr Umberto Museum dedicated to Maserati cars. Usually it can be visited by appointment only, but last sunday it was open because the family used it as a sort of funeral home for mourners……..

How do you finish a weekend like this? Quietly……….


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One response to “Funny, busy, nice weekend

  1. Gattina

    December 3, 2013 at 2:47 pm

    I like the sculptures ! and I see you have already Christmas decoration. Your food pictures made me hungry, they look delicious !


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