Skip this if you’re on diet

30 Jan

Ok, I’ve warned you, if you keep reading, it’s at your own risk………This last month has been a very heavy one, at least on the food side. I thought that the culinary marathon was over after the festivities, but I was deadly wrong! I had breakfast out with friends twice on sundays, first time at a place new for me……

the second time at a local pastry shop owned by a guy who was one of my schoolmates………

Then I went shopping at a new delicatessen shop that has freshly made pasta absolutely gluten-free…..

and I ended up cooking fettuccine with beef and sauce…..

and tortellini with mushrooms, peas and ham

Then we tried a new (for us) place with some friends. It was so good we went back the next week also! First time we had this……..spaghetti with veal and figs sauce

“paccheri” with robiola cheese

“gnocchi” with asparagus

beef “tagliata” (cut)

and their delicious sweet soufflè with ice-cream

The second time it was pumpkin rice with sausage

beef stew with smashed potatoes

and chocolate truffles

The place in itself is very nice and cozy, I guess we will be back

Near our friends M&R home up in the hills, there’s this little restaurant, recently opened, where their younger son is working as a cook in training. It’s a place that recalls those in the Alps and the dishes too are typical of that region (the owner is half german), vast choice of beers, broths and soups, and obviously pork shank. One saturday night we gave it a try…..and I’m glad we did.

Then it was our friend G birthday, the celebration took place at our fav restaurant in town……

pumpkin risotto

scaloppina with lemon and mushrooms sauce

chickpea salad with red onions and fennel

and a sampling of cheeses

After dinner we went to a nearby cake shop for dessert

Last week our neighbors invited us and another couple to have an informal dinner at their house. I was there in the morning to help E. cooking and setting the table, but another helper wanted to be in the team too….

We had appetizers, two different veggies pies and a potato salad………….


And we had a copule of friends at dinner one night… radicchio (circory) risotto

chicken rolls with ham and cheese

In spite of all this, I managed to slim down a couple of kgs, thanks to my daughter and our walks…..not bad, uhu?


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One response to “Skip this if you’re on diet

  1. K

    January 31, 2014 at 6:22 pm

    I am now SO hungry. That pumpkin rissoto! YUM!


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