The lily

06 May

Back in 1993 a small group of experts in plants and flowers, together with some university professors and agronomists from all over Italy, started a new exhibition that over the years has grown to become one of the “must” for gardeners and growers. Its name is “Nel segno del giglio” (In the name of the lily) because it’s held in the park of the Royal Palace in Colorno, and the lily was the emblem of the Farnese dynasty, owner of the Palace ( for more about this you can read my previous post here and here). For three days you can loose yourself wandering among colors and smells.

We have this one friend, who after almost a life spent repairing bicycles and scooters, with his wife agreement gave in to his true nature and passion, becoming a grower of olive and old fruits plants. In the last three years he took part of this as an exhibitor and on the first day of the event we were there for a visit. I stayed for a while behind his desk helping with the cash register, and I didn’t complain, the view was not bad at all……….

his plants on sale………

They sell everything you can think would be ok in a garden, a park, a big or small balcony, a terrace…..I had time to walk around…….come with me…….

Obviously during the event, there were also lots of conferences, symposiums and educational meetings which our friend’s oldest son attended (he’s the tech in the company, having studied agronomy) but for us it was the boring part, so we skipped all of them….we had just a great time spending the afternoon with our friend and his wife, selling plants to visitors coming from every part of Italy and some foreigners, and my english was very helpful!

See the lily in the pic below?



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2 responses to “The lily

  1. Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

    May 8, 2014 at 4:13 am

    I saw so much I wanted to buy in your photos, Gracie! I love gardening, but it is a challenge where I now live, as the wild animals eat a lot and the dry summers hurt many plants. We planted many shrubs last summer and they are all dead 😦


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