On The Road – From Belgium to Alsace

25 Aug

Back in 2001 we were vacationing in Belgium (nice stay, I’d really like to come back soon….) and on our way back home, we travelled along the France region of Alsace. It was our first time there and it was a nice surprise. Our journey started from the french north coast called Pays the Calais to the hills covered in vineyards of Alsace it was an explosion of colors and smells……….the big beaches (witnesses of the WWII days) now a paradise for surfers and kites, the little villages more german than french in theirs atmosphere, the many wineries along the roads…….such nice memories……

Below, a younger daughter in the courtyard of the Albrecht Winery, where we bought some bottles of their fine white wines, but my favourite is their “cremant” -(we still buy from them, on-line, now and then)


We stayed for a couple of nights in Guebwiller, situated at the foot of the Vosges mountains. surrounded by the smell of must……..

” Gebunvillare ” is mentioned in early 774. In the 12th century Murbach’s abbey,owner of the village built the parochial church, and helped the inhabitants to build a fortified surrounding wall towards 1270. In 1450 the abbot  Barthélemy of Andlau abolished the privileges of the city. In 1633 Guebwiller was invaded by the Swedes and suffered a lot from their occupation. In 1759 the noble Chapter (the former abbey) of Murbach came there to settle : thanks to the latter the reconstruction of the ” Neuenburg’s abbatial castle ” as well as the construction of canonical houses and the Our Lady’s church were begun.
It is then that Guebwiller became the capital of a small state including the valleys of the Thur and Lauch rivers.The textile industry was established there from the end of the 18th century


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