Thank God I’m a country boy

01 Sep

Or in this case, thank God we are a bunch of country folks! A few years ago hubby got a new collegue. It was liking at first glance, both football lovers, both die-hard bikers, almost the same age and background….after a while they arranged a date with the wives. I can’t say she will ever be my best friend, but she’s a nice person and we have a lot in common. Such as the passion for everything that’s country, the music, the dance, the style….So when they called to invite us to a village near Verona to a very big country fair, how could I say no? We met early saturday afternoon and drove to the fair excited about the event. It was soooo huge, I really didn’t expect that! I couldn’t make up my mind on what to do first, so many booths, tents, colors, sounds… head was spinning and I bet I had a stupid smile on my face! If not for my husband, I would have gone bankrupt that day, but I limited my shopping to a recipes book, a shawl that’s basically a US flag and a leather bracelet….

There was a dressage school for adult and for children….

several stands where to buy almost everything….and a few weird people…lol…

and some live music.

In the evening the dance contest was the main event, held in several places simultaneously, I guess the judges had a hard time to look at all the groups…. 

Under a tent there was a sort of circus with only horses doing the most fabulous things……….

A public lesson of  line dance opened to all……..

again live music…………

and two shows, an american group of professional dancers and an american country trio.

There were lots of cozy places where to eat all the day long, especially crowded at dinner time

and when we decided where and what, we had a great time!

At the end, very late at night, all that remained was a solitary man and his horse. Wonder what they did talk about…..


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One response to “Thank God I’m a country boy

  1. Gattina

    September 2, 2014 at 7:30 am

    Looks like a lot of fun (except the food, lol )


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