A typical saturday

07 Sep

I think every person has some sort of routine in everyday life, some things you have to do and some you want to. Some places that are like a second home or at least places where you feel comfortable. Working at least 8 hours a day (and being away from home at least 9) from monday to friday, I have to organize my time in every details. My office is in the city center, so when I finally get out there’s plenty of shops for a quick buy or a brief break for an aperitif with a friend at some places I like the most. The very busy day is saturday around here, but the idea is always the same, I tend to go to the usual shops I know better and spend my free time where I feel at home  ………In the morning there’s the usual visit to the supermarket for the weekly groceries supply, sometimes with my daughter but usually with hubby. It’s located a few minutes by car from our home so the majority of the time spent there is for talking with people we know……….lol….

When we need something special for particular occasions (such as a festivity lunch or if we have friends for dinner) we have the right grocery in mind…..Most of the time I go there with my daughter because the shop is in the city center and we both like to be there! It’s one of the oldest grocery in town and they sell not only our local foods and wines but also the excellence from other italian regions……….  

While me and hubby are at the supermarket, daughter M at home is in charge of the lunch…this is what we yesterday, a very good Parmigiana…..

Often in the afternoon me and my daughter have a walk through the city, discovering new aspects of our town, like the Jesuit Church of St. Rocco.

The present church of St. Rocco, one of the most significant examples of Baroque architecture in the Emilia region, was started in 1737 and completed in 1754, based on the project of the Bologna-native Alfonso Torregiani , who also projected the main altar and all of the interior furnishings. The precedent church had been built starting in 1528 as an ex vot after a plague, but the Church was never really finished. In 1564 the Jesuits took charge of the works, completed in 1572. In the second half of the XVI century the Jesuits built a college near the Church and in 1599 they started university courses (later included in the adjacent University of Parma, founded in the 12th century and one of the oldest universities in the world).

The Church was completely rebuilt in the XVIII century, from 1737 till 1750. In 1754 a bell tower was built. Following the expulsion of the Jesuits from the Duchy of Parma ordered by Ferdinando of Borbone (1768) the Church passed to the Congregations of the Mission. This Holy Order was abolished in 1810 and the Church was managed by the Orsoline Nuns (an Order born and with its headquarter in Parma in 1575) that gave back St. Rocco to the Jesuits in 1916.

Dedicated to St. Rocco, whose image is represented in the painting above the high altar, by Francesco Scaramuzza, inside the Church we can find paintings by Pietro Rotari, Giovanni Battista Borghesi, Lionello Spada and Giacinto Brandi.


The organ, located above the main entry in a wooden balcony inlayed in pure gold, is a typical example of baroque style.

Sometimes we just go around on a byuing spree, our favourite shops are Zara, H&M, Desigual………

But where we can really get lost, are our favourite libraries. Since Feltrinelli opened the new place where you can sit and read while drinking something, or even have lunch or dinner, someone has to physically remove me from there!  

Or Libraccio, where the 80% of the books are second-hand and you can sell your old ones too.

Obviously we have membership cards of both….

If the bar at Feltrinelli is too crowded, usually we move on to this little shop in a hidden narrow street, where you can have a seat with your coffee or tea, and buy something, from home stuff to little presents…

or to a place now we call home, TCafè, the waiters don’t even ask anymore what we want…..

And maybe just a quick visit to Lush Shop?

Very often the day ends with a pizza with some friends………

And my husband still ask me why on sunday I have to force myself to go out of bed!!!


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2 responses to “A typical saturday

  1. Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

    September 9, 2014 at 2:34 am

    Your day is lovely, Gracie! Your supermarket looks like it has a wonderful selection of foods and is very modern.The Church of St. Rocco is beautiful! St. Rocco is my husband’s town patron saint and his town has a festival for this saint every August. I know what you mean about good bookstores–I could stay in them reading all day long. Your daughter’s parmigiana looks very pretty and delicious, and the pizza you shared with friends looks fabulous!

  2. Gattina

    September 9, 2014 at 6:03 am

    Supermarkets really look the same in all countries ! As I retired, my life is organized in being not organized anymore, lol ! We also have the same shops, like H&M. I could never drag Mr. G. out of the house for shopping ! Not even for himself, lol


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