Summer nights

16 Sep

On wednesdays and fridays, my hometown becames an open living room….especially in summer, shops are open till very late, restaurants and bars have tables and chairs on the streets closed to traffic, there are music and concerts free and for all ……..people just walk around, sitting everywhere (especially young ones) eating and drinking while walking, to and fro every corners in the city center, meeting up with friends and just being part of a huge street party…

Most of the people are happy about this new tradition called “movida” a word taken from spanish meaning lively, animated, and that from the early ’80 in Spain was synonymous of a renovated cultural and artistic life after the years of Francisco Franco regime. From Spain this way of celebrating life and arts living the city has spread around Europe, and every city has found its own way to make it its own.

Every bars and restaurants owner have their unique and particular way to attract customers….some bets on the local passion for football decorating the bar with the colors of the local team

Others point to a more international atmosphere….

Some display a more sophisticated and sober tone….

Not everyone is happy about the situation to tell the truth….people living in the most crowded streets complain (especially in summer for obvious reasons) about the loud music, the shouting, the casual quarrels that deprive them of some deserved sleep… the hours have been limited to midnigh on wednesdays and to 1.00am on fridays…..but not everybody follows strictly the rules…..

(photos taken over the summer)




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One response to “Summer nights

  1. Gattina

    September 16, 2014 at 1:46 pm

    That’s true in Italy the cities wake up in the evenings ! I always had to laugh about the tourists who complained that the shops were closed from 1 pm to 4 pm, and they were the only once outside in the burning streets !


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