Too bad the rain…

20 Sep

It was one of those event you don’t want to miss…Well in advance we booked 4 seats even if they were really expensives, but it was a unique occasion and part of the proceeds went for charity to local organizations, so….The idea was born some time ago in the fertile mind of one of the most famous italian chef – with base just out of Parma – Massimo Spigaroli (just to let you know, he’s the guy who directly send “culatello” to Charles, Prince of Wales…) and on the 50th anniversary of the” Ristoranti del Buon Ricordo” (sort of “Good Memories Restaurants”, an association that now counts 111 restaurant in all Italy, preserving and promoting italian slow food) his dream came true. They choose Parma because of Spigaroli, of course, but also because… well…. after all, they call us “the food valley….

So what was this about? A dinner for 1000 persons, arranged on a very long table, all in white, in the city center, planned and cooked by 100 italian chefs, from aperitif to dessert….and it was incredible! In the afternoon the waiters and the chefs arrived to begin cooking under some tents and they settled the table along the main street of the city….

And then, the worst nightmare occured……a huge thunderstorm hit Parma almost ruining the party!!! They quickly covered the table, everyone had the aperitif under the porch of the City Hall….and we all thought about a missed dinner and our money gone….

But luckily, an hour later than planned, the dinner was a big success, even under a few raindrops that still tried to made us all nervous….

The menu was spectacular…..a buffet full of the best of all the italian regions…

Pheasant with parmesan ham and cheese….

Ravioli with porcini and chanterelle mushrooms and black truffle….

Beef with honey and pears…

Cassata from Sicily

And it couldn’t be a party without the group photo at the end…..Bravo to all!

I knew already that was the event of the summer for my hometown, but the next day from our local newspaper site, I had the confirmation….not a bad scene, uhu?


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2 responses to “Too bad the rain…

  1. vio

    September 23, 2014 at 7:45 am

    everything looks gorgeous! I´m so glad the bad weather wasn´t able to kill the party!


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