A special day

24 Sep

It’s been a weird summer, I don’t even know  if we actually had a summer. On top of the bad weather it was also a matter of family issues if we had just one week off to relax and explore the world around us. So we didn’t (and we won’t) miss a chance to enjoy our free time wandering around with friends…

That was the case the first sunday of september. With a bunch of friends we drove to the hills till Passo della Cisa (Cisa Pass) a must for all the local bikers, always crowded with people, but this one was a special occasion. Last year we were there as well, so me couldn’t miss the meeting….

We were up there early but not the first to arrive…..

and in a blink of an eye hundreds of bikes filled all the places availabe….

It was the second time all together for remembering a life taken too soon, a life spent at a fast speed on a race track, and now, in a place dear to bikers, a name on a plate…

The man speaking with the microphone is his father (behind him, not visible, his mother) always present everytime their son is remembered somewhere, and the major of the village who last year gave them the honorary citizenship. He talked about the meaning of meeting like this for his family and all the projects for the future of the Sic#58 Foundation….

Under the tent, a delegation of the Marco Simoncelli Foundation, founded by his family and friends to help disabled young and elders in need (we are now proud members of it!)

We talked a little with Mr Simoncelli, always so kind with everyone, about the Foundation next projects and the last news from the MotoGP Championship…. then they tooke their car and went away and it was time for lunch. It’s that time of the year when our mountains present us with one of the most cherished gifts….mushrooms!

The food was soooo good but the scenario wasn’t bad neither…..


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